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Appreciate your ability to so strongly dislike a movie yet appreciate the greater value of it being so universally acclaimed. I don't think I'm as incisive or insightful as you when it comes to analyzing movies, which maybe explains how I generally enjoyed EEAAO.

Anyways, another beautifully written piece (this is just a foregone conclusion now). One quick question - is there a reason you prefer to use (and reference) Letterboxd over IMDb to track movies?

P.S.: I suddenly remembered ISDb... Do you remember that from our Gurukul days?

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The world would be better of trying to focus on award shows in other countries as well. That would truly put twitter merchants and hollywood cult to silence because no way only they got the best films.

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This was a great read, thank you! (Sorry I don't have anything scintillating or thought-provoking to add - just wanted you to know I really liked reading this post!)

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