"We don’t browse the web or surf the internet anymore. We just scroll."

this is because almost everybody WRONGLY believes that "RSS is dead", which is one of the biggest lies online: https://stop.zona-m.net/2019/09/rss-is-still-great.-and-needed.-more-now-than-ever/

and, if I may, the same lie is also one of the reasons why I was basically forced to join Substack, see https://mfioretti.substack.com/p/i-just-started-a-newsletter-and-its

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‘we owe it to ourselves to do something pretty cool with our high internet speeds and super fast laptops and latest iPhones, otherwise what’s the point?’


It’s easy to be cynical about the deficiencies of the internet and internet culture (I am guilty as charged) and in the process lose sight of the potentials and possibilities. This piece was a timely reminder for me. Thank you.

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