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One small recommendation I'd make over AdBlock is uBlock Origin! The latter is a fully open-source extension and is a passion project, while the former is a company looking to make money, which means there is an opportunity for other companies/advertisers to pay AdBlock to let their ads through. It also has a similar Youtube-specific companion extension which is very useful.

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Loved this blog <3

Looking at your Phone's home screen shows you are well organized.

Got to know about the "Beeminder" app which seems useful for people who procrastinate their tasks and want to avoid that.

Also, I'd like to know more about "SS" which you've mentioned in front of Splitwise.

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Great point you made about Google Pay. I cannot believe how ahead west is in comparison to India in tech but still cannot beat UPI.

Also, I think you might want to check out Nordpass. I am using it on my phone but don't know about their desktop apps or extensions. See if it fits your need.

Wonderul summary of your life around 3 devices. I found some things I use a lot as well. Cheers 🥂

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