वा:, मस्त लिहिलं आहेस!

"काका, आता तू गंडलास" हे तुझे 7-8 वीतले बाल पणीचे बुद्धिबळ खेळतानाचे बोल माझ्या कानात ताजे आहेत! काय करतो आहेस गड्या सध्या? मेरिलॅन्ड मध्ये भारतीयत्वाची सर्वांना ओळख दे.

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Me majet ahe. Mala pan aplya games chi lihitanna athvan ali, kroorpanaa ne khelaychi haha. Hope you're good also.

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Dear Siddhesh,

If you are seriously into chess, do watch Mato Jelic's channel too. He

is good in explaining strategies of the grand-masters. What I liked is

especially the games of Mikhail Tal presented by him. Tal vs Koblentz

is the most labyrinthine and deep-deep thought game.

Do share your WhatsApp and e-mail addresses.

Wishing you all the very best kroor manasaa :-) !


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Brilliant write up once again shows how observant & studious that you are Siddhesh

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Dec 16, 2021Liked by Siddhesh

Another thing to note is latency. Lichess is hosted in France with OVH, and as a penalty, Australian players have very high latency ~300ms

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