What is this place?

Hi, I’m Siddhesh! I’m a developer from India currently living in the US. I’m interested in a million things, but I sometimes like writing about the things I like more than the things themselves.

Obvious Bicycle is the space where I write about the stuff I find most interesting in the world: books, music, technology, art, and whatever rabbit hole I happen to be into.

Where do I start?

Here are my most popular posts:

I also write about things I love:

And here are some other essays I’ve written:

Obvious Bicycle has also been upvoted to the top of Hacker News a couple of times (1, 2), and given a shout out on Marginal Revolution (1, 2).

What else?

I send out monthly recommendations of the best stuff I come across - articles, videos, tools, movies, you name it. You can check them out here.

I also love talking to people who are into the same stuff as I am. You can write to me at siddhesh@substack.com. Come say hi!

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